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What Does Mid Mean TikTok? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re an avid TikTok user, you may have encountered the term ‘mid’ and wondered what it means. This seemingly simple three-letter word has taken over the app with its unique definition that goes beyond just being a shortened version of ‘middle.’

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the meaning of mid on TikTok, where it originated from, and how to use it.

What Does Mid Mean TikTok?

On TikTok, ‘mid’ means something is mediocre or average. It’s often used to describe content that isn’t good or bad but falls somewhere in the middle. For example, if someone posts a video of themselves dancing but it’s not very impressive, viewers might comment, “This is mid.”

The term has become so popular on the app that countless videos and memes are dedicated to its usage. Some creators have even started using ‘mid’ as a compliment for content that they find enjoyable despite its flaws.

Understanding what ‘mid’ means on TikTok can help you navigate the app’s unique language and community better. Whether you use it yourself or want to keep up with current trends, knowing this term can be helpful in your overall experience on TikTok.

How to Use ‘Mid’?

Using “mid” in your videos is pretty simple. You can use it as a descriptor for anything unremarkable or subpar. For example, if you try out a new makeup product but find that it doesn’t work well for you, you could describe it as “pretty mid.”

Another way to use “mid” is by combining it with other words to create phrases like mid-tier or low-key mid. These phrases add more context and emphasize just how average something is.


The origin of the term “mid” on TikTok is not entirely clear. However, it originated from the gaming community before transitioning into a more general use in online slang.

In gaming, “mid” refers to a position between two lanes. This position is often seen as less desirable than the others and is typically given to players who need to perform better or be more experienced for other positions.

However, like many terms in internet culture, “mid” has evolved beyond its original meaning and can now be used more broadly. It’s become a catch-all phrase for anything that falls short of expectations or isn’t quite up to par.

Regardless of its precise origins or current usage trends on TikTok and elsewhere across social media platforms, one thing remains clear: understanding internet slang requires keeping up with an ever-evolving lexicon!

Last Words

In conclusion, the term ‘mid’ on TikTok simply means ‘middle’. This can refer to a variety of things such as the middle part of a song, or when someone refers to being in the middle of something. Knowing what mid means will allow you to follow along with conversations and trends more easily. Understanding this basic piece of internet slang can help make your experience on TikTok even better!

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