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What Does “OG” Mean in Social Media and Texting?

OG has become a popular online slang word in recent years, and we’re here to explain what it means, how to use it, and what to do when someone sends you OG.

What Does “OG” Mean?

OG is an abbreviation for “Original Gangster.” Some people use it in the hip-hop community to refer someone who was a founding member or pioneer of a particular movement or style.

Being called an OG can be seen as a compliment. It implies you are respected and admired for your expertise or influence in a specific area. Whether it’s music, fashion, gaming, or even memes – being recognized as an OG means you’re considered one of the best in your field.

Where Did OG Come from?

The origin of the term “OG” is a subject of much debate and speculation. Some believe it stands for “Original Gangster,” which refers to someone who has been around since the early days and holds respect in their community. Others suggest it is simply an abbreviation for “original or old generation.”

One theory suggests that the term first gained popularity in hip-hop culture, where artists would refer to themselves or others as OGs to highlight their status. From there, it spread to other subcultures and eventually made its way into mainstream social media and texting.

Another theory proposes that OG was initially used within gaming communities to describe highly skilled players who had played a particular game since its inception. These players were seen as original and experienced, earning them the OG title.

So, how do people use OG today? Let’s take a look at some examples!

How do people use OG?

One way people use OG is as a term of respect or admiration. For example, someone might refer to their friend who has been with them since childhood as their “OG.” This shows that they value the long-standing friendship and consider their friend an important part of their life.

Additionally, OG can be used when discussing something considered classic or old school. For instance, if you’re discussing music and want to mention a legendary artist like Michael Jackson or Aretha Franklin, they are true OGs in the industry.

Moreover, people often use OG humorously or sarcastically. They might playfully call themselves an “OG” when trying something new or attempting a trend for the first time. It adds a lighthearted tone while acknowledging that they are embracing something outside their usual comfort zone.

How to Respond to OG?

Now that you know what “OG” means and how people use it in social media and texting, you may wonder how to respond when someone refers to you as an OG. Here are a few ways you can respond:

  1. “Hey Scarface, it’s so great to have you here! Your presence is truly valued.”
  2. “I have immense respect for your knowledge and experience. It’s an honor to interact with you.”
  3. “OG, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Your perspective is always insightful and valuable.”
  4. “Thank yu OG, for all the contributions you’ve made. Your impact on this field is immeasurable.”
  5. “I’ll never forget the impact your work had on me. OG, it was a transformative experience.”
  6. “If there’s ever an opportunity to collaborate, I would be thrilled to work alongside you.”
  7. “OG, you’ve had a profound influence on my work. Your ideas and insights have shaped my approach.”
  8. “Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you, OG. I’m here to reciprocate your guidance.”
  9. “I recently came across something that aligns with your interests, OG. I’d love to discuss it further with you.”
  10. WTW? I’m eagerly awaiting your future projects and accomplishments.”

What are the Benefits of Using Original Gangster in Texting?

Using the term OG or Original Gangster in texting can have several advantages. As we discussed earlier, it allows you to express your authenticity or respect for someone considered old school. You acknowledge their expertise and contributions by referring to them as an OG.

Furthermore, using Original Gangster can help create a sense of camaraderie among friends or within social groups. It serves as a form of shorthand that signifies shared knowledge and understanding. Also, it adds an element of coolness and street credibility to your conversations.

Another benefit is that incorporating OG into your texts can showcase your familiarity with current slang and trends. This demonstrates that you are up to date with popular culture and connected within your social circles.

Moreover, using Original Gangster can add humor and playfulness to your messages. It allows for playful banter and inside jokes between friends, making the conversation more enjoyable and entertaining.

In addition, utilizing Original Gangster in texting enables you to communicate complex ideas concisely. Since the term carries certain connotations, you can convey nuanced meanings without explaining everything in detail.

Incorporating OG into your texting repertoire brings forth various benefits, like showcasing respect, creating camaraderie, and demonstrating cultural awareness while adding humor and brevity to conversations.


In social media and texting, OG can mean many different things. While it is most commonly used to refer to someone who is an “Original Gangster” or an experienced person in any field, other meanings include Original or Originality. Regardless of its meaning, this versatile acronym has become increasingly popular in online and offline conversations. Knowing the origin and different meanings of OG will help you understand what people refer to when using this acronym.

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