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What Does ‘PSH’ Mean? Quick Answer!

Texting can be a very fast and efficient way to communicate with friends, family, and other people you know.

But what do some of the slang words mean when used in text messages?

In this blog article, we will look at PSH slang words and what they mean in texting.

What Does PSH Mean in Texting?

PSH stands for Push without a u. The term is most used on messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, to describe a message sent without including the user’s full name.

For instance, a user might say, “Hi, PSH that message to me!” instead of “Hey, send that message to me!” In this way, the sender can keep their identity anonymous.


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What Are 9 Examples of Slang Words?

There are a lot of slang words people can use in texting that they might not be familiar with. Here are a few of the most of them:

GMFU or (got me fu**ed up ): This is a phrase to describe when something goes wrong and makes someone upset.

KTF: This stands for “Knew That F*** From Before” and is used to express knowing something before somebody else does.

TMI: This stands for “Too Much Information” and users use it when they feel they need to share too much information about themselves or their situation.

TTM: The slang term indicates that you would like someone to talk to you and is often found in group texts.

DAE (or D:D): This stands for “Don’t Ask Everything, Just Give A Fing Emoji” and is used when your friend doesn’t want to answer your questions in a text message.

BAE: This is a term to describe a significant other, typically a girlfriend or boyfriend.

THANG: This is an umbrella term that can refer to anything from a great idea to a delicious meal.

BRO: The slang word used between male friends and as an informal way of saying brother.

HYB: This stands for how you’ve been, usually to update someone on how you’re doing.


Texting can be an amusing way to be in touch with family and friends. But sometimes people use text messaging incorrectly.

By understanding the meaning of “PSH.” You’ll be able to communicate more effectively in texts and avoid potential misunderstandings.

Matteo Sanel
Matteo Sanel
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