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Breaking Down the Abbreviations: What Does ‘Rly’ Mean on Snapchat?

We all know texting and social media have created a new language with abbreviations, acronyms, and slang. However, even the most tech-savvy among us can still come across a confusing abbreviation that requires us to do a Google search. One such term is “rly,” which has become increasingly popular on Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. If you need to become more familiar with it, you may wonder what it means and why so many people use it.

What Does Rly Mean on Snapchat?

Rly is an abbreviation for the word “really.” This term is commonly used in informal conversations to express agreement or emphasize something. It is often used as a response to someone’s statement or question.

In the context of Snapchat, “rly” can be seen in two forms – as a standalone message or an overlay on a snap. When used as a standalone message, it usually means that the sender agrees with what was previously said or asks if the receiver agrees with their statement.

On the other hand, when used as an overlay on a snap, “rly” emphasizes whatever is shown in the snap. This could be anything from a funny picture to a significant moment captured by the sender. Adding “rly” as an overlay adds more weight to what is conveyed in the snap, making it stand out from regular snaps.

Overall, the meaning of “rly” on Snapchat depends on the context in which it is used. It could be used as a simple abbreviation for really or as an emphasis tool to add more weight and tone to a conversation.


Examples of ‘Rly’ can vary depending on Snapchat conversation. However, there are a few common instances where this abbreviation is used. Let’s take a look at some examples to understand its meaning better:

  • Yep, it’s as real as getting a text from your crush.
  • No joke, it’s rly as real as winning the lottery.
  • Absolutely, it’s really like finding a hidden gem in a sea of pebbles.
  • You better believe it, it’s rly like discovering a secret passage to a magical land.
  • Oh, it’s beyond real, like meeting your favorite celebrity in person kind of real.
  • Definitely, it’s rly like stumbling upon a genie and getting three wishes.
  • No doubt about it, it’s rly as real as the feeling of pure joy on your birthday.
  • Oh, it’s rly alright. It’s really with a cherry on top!
  • Absolutely, it’s as real as a shooting star streaking across the night sky.
  • Without a doubt, it’s rly like finding a BSF in the wild.


After our research and discussions, we can confidently say that “rly” is most commonly used as an abbreviation for “really”. However, it is important to note that context and tone can also play a role in interpreting “rly”.

Matteo Sanel
Matteo Sanel
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